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Le Phare des Alpes

Established May 8, 1909 in Valdese, North Carolina

Bella Bocce!

From the very earliest days of the Valdese settlement, a favorite pastime for the men was the playing of "Bocce".  This game is a form of lawn bowling which is still popular in much of Europe.  In the early years, a Bocce court was constructed in a grove of pine trees which stood where the Valdese Cleaners and Wells Fargo Bank stand at present.  This court was a popular gathering place for the men of the community on Sunday afternoons.  After the purchase of the present home of the Society, three courts were constructed on this site.  One court ran parallel to the hall on the south side of the building.  At a later date two more courts were constructed with a roof to allow for the playing in inclement weather.  For many years, until well in to the 1970's, this was a gathering place for the men of the Society and many other interested men of the community.  Men met here on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons to play Bocce and to enjoy good fellowship with their neighbors.  Many of the great problems of the times were discussed and some may have even been settled in these meetings.  The Bocce game was the focal point of the recreational activities for the men for many years.  "Choice" patois words were often heard between partners as well as opponents!  Could this have been a reason that women were not allowed near the Bocce courts?  The courts continue to be used today and have been the site for the Unifour Senior Games.


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D. Killian, J. Zimmerman, L. Sherrill, C. Hoyle, and Senior Line Judge Dr. J. Lafferty

The tournament will be played using the "Bocce Standards Association, Standard Court Bocce Rules for Leagues and Tournaments", available at

Any modifications to these rules will be announced at the Captain's meeting.  The captain's meeting will occur at 10:00am, September 12, 2015 in the Le Phare des Alps clubhouse (adjacent to the courts).




2018 NC Regional Tournament Flyer August 11, 2018




2018 NC Regional Tournament Application August 11, 2018



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